Radiator Covers (26)

A Jali radiator cover provides a finishing touch to a room or hallway by transforming an old radiator into an attractive design feature. Because the Jali Designer allows you to produce custom-made radiator covers, you can make your design fit any radiator - even those hard-to-reach ones in corners and alcoves.

The clever design of the Jali made-to-measure cabinet pushes the warm air forwards into the room so that it isn't lost behind the curtains. The front panel is removable providing easy access to the radiator valves.

Remember, each of the Jali made-to-measure radiator covers can be produced to your exact specification. And if you don't see the exact design you want here, simply choose one that most closely matches what you need and then tailor it to suit.

Take a look at some of the Jali made-to-measure radiator cover designs here. Remember you can change the design, sizes or detail so that the radiator cover matches your needs exactly.

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