How it Works

How it Works
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1. Choose

At jali.co.uk, you can create and buy unique furniture that’s yours to the last detail; the perfect fit for you and your home.

Start by browsing our Product Range in the menu and select a category. Then you can choose from a number of example products - but remember, all these items are completely customisable. When you’ve found something similar to what you’re after, click the item and then 'Customise'.

Get Started 2

2. Customise

Here you can visualise the furniture in 3D by simply dragging over the item. You can either buy it right now 'as is', or you can use any of the design options on the right hand side to alter the finish, sizes, styling and fitting options. Use these tools to make your furniture truly yours.

You can review the order details below, and when you’re ready to buy, simply click “Add to Basket”. If you haven’t done so already, the site will walk you through creating an account before you finalise your purchase.

Out of the box

3. Create

In just a few weeks, you'll receive your self-assembly kit with all the fixings and fittings you need to easily assemble your furniture. Jali kits are manufactured with simplicity in mind, but you can hire a local tradesman to help if you prefer.

We are confident that you'll be thrilled with your Jali furniture, and we're here to help with any problems. If you've ordered anything the wrong size for instance, don't panic! We can often avert disaster by supplying just a few replacement parts.