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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Jali?

Jali is a high-tech manufacturer of made-to-measure and custom-made furniture, based just outside Canterbury, Kent, UK. We manufacture a wide range of fitted furniture and architectural items for private and business customers.

All Jali products are made to exact customer sizes using a revolutionary design and manufacturing system. We aim to fill the gap between engaging a bespoke joinery company and a highly-equipped carpenter.

How do I order bespoke furniture?

Using our unique Jali Designer, you can design your own items online, right now. You simply select the most suitable design for you, then adjust it until it meets your exact specification. You don't need to install anything, it's free to use, there's no obligation and it requires no training.

How much does Jali custom-made furniture cost?

Every item is priced individually. Our prices are low because they are based on the precise work and materials needed to create your item. This is automatically calculated online and immediately displayed at the top of the Jali Designer screen. All our prices include VAT and delivery to most of mainland UK.

What exactly do I get with Jali?

You will get exactly what you designed on the screen delivered as a flat pack kit of parts which will quickly produce a very professional job with limited tools and skills. All units are made from MDF and all fixings required for assembly are included. The MDF parts are supplied unfinished or primed; other finishes (e.g. veneers, topcoats) are also available.

Can I buy my Jali unit painted?

Yes, we offer 24 top coat colours for most products, as well as primed and veneer options.

What's the catch?

There's no catch. Our unrivalled service, quality and value for money is made possible by our revolutionary design and manufacturing system. By linking together a wide range of computer-controlled machinery, we eliminate wasted time and materials. The time and money saving is passed onto our customers in the form of lower prices.

How quickly do Jali deliver?

Our standard delivery is about 2-4 weeks, depending on the size and finish of your order. For an additional charge we can sometimes offer an express service which could take as little as 3 days! The cost and availability of the express service depends on the actual timing, size and weight of your order.

You can see the cost and delivery information immediately by completing all the necessary details in the checkout.

How do I start the Jali Designer?

First of all, go to the list of products and choose the product and design you want. Then select Customise and the Jali Designer will show you the selected design. You can then begin to customise your furniture to your exact specification.

How do I customise a design?

Choose a product that's closest to what you want (either size-wise or in its style). Then click 'Customise' on the product information screen.

You can zoom and spin the image to see detail more closely, and change as little or as much as you want by using the options next to the picture. To change a size, either move its red measurement triangle or change the measurement directly in the number box with the keyboard.

How do I save my Jali designs?

To save a design - so you can either work on it later or order it - you will need to register your name, email address and a password with Jali. You can do this on the home page or from within the Designer when you want to save your design. When you save your design, you can name it (e.g. 'Hall cupboard') and, once saved, you can login from anywhere in the world to retrieve it.

Will I need any special tools to put together a Jali kit?

Nothing that you probably do not have in your tool box already: all you'll need is a screwdriver. PVA or wood glue can be useful sometimes but you won't normally need any. (Some jobs can benefit from being scribed around your room's skirting board if you want a top-notch look, but it's by no means necessary.)

Do Jali keep any made-to-measure kits in stock?

No. Jali produces only made to measure furniture and because every customer's requirement is different it would be impractical to carry stocks.

However, our manufacturing process has been specially developed to deal with most orders as though they were produced on a traditional production line. That means our costs and delivery times are kept low.

Does a radiator cover waste the heat emitted by my radiator?

How a radiator cabinet helps heat flowNo.

In fact the innovative Jali design means that cold air is drawn in at the gap at the bottom and pushed through the vent in the top. This means that heat comes into the room rather than straight up the wall, collecting at ceiling level.

If your radiator is under a window, this prevents the heat from going up behind the curtains and being wasted.

Will I still be able to fit a radiator cover around a thermostat?

Having thermostatic valves is not a problem; you just need to decide whether you want the valve inside or outside the radiator cover, which may depend on the size and position of the valve. Thermostatic valve manufacturers recommend leaving them outside; however, sometimes this is not wanted or physically impossible in which case you can simply turn up the thermostat to take into account that it is inside the cover.

How do I get to my radiator once the cover is fitted?

Open radiator cover with access to thermostatic valvesAll Jali made-to-measure radiator covers have drop-down fronts for quick access to your radiator and valves.

They are secured with magnetic catches and the front panels are easily removed and put back in again. If you've fixed the body of the radiator cover to the wall, it can stay where it is: there's no need to unscrew it from the wall.