Update: November 2018

Progress Report

Radiator Cabinets back on 2 week delivery

After an extremely tough year tackling a myriad of production engineering problems we have finally got paint production under control. We expect to have all orders up to date within about four weeks. Radiator cabinet production is now back within two weeks also fretwork, veneered and mdf products. Wardrobes, dressers and other large units will remain on longer lead times for a period which will be advised soon after order.

At any one time we have up to 3000 different parts in various states of production. Our tracking methods, which worked fine for unfinished parts, ran into serious difficulties with paint colours. One of our projects this year has been developing the part tracking system such that we know exactly where every parts is. Once this is fully implemented we will be able to give all customers accurate completion dates. This is particularly important for larger orders with hundreds of parts.

Nicholas Showan FRSA
MD, Jali Ltd

The following items are back on
2 Week Delivery:

• Radiator Cabinets
• Fretwork

Unpainted & Veneer Items (up to 3 weeks)

Wardrobes, Dressers & larger items taking longer - more info to follow.

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Update: August 2018

We've got some good news!

And some not so good news...

Recently we introduced the option of Top Coat paint on all our bespoke furniture. This was a fabulous innovation and enormously powerful for our customers, who can now choose from 24 different coloured finishes and 'get the job done faster'. Remember though, at Jali, everything we do is bespoke. Imagine, how many thousands of bespoke parts we need to keep track of as they flow through our factory. The paint machine we needed to efficiently manage this production literally didn't exist, so we had to build our own from scratch.

This has been a bumpy ride. Our award winning factory, famed for its clever innovation and technical prowess, has at times felt a little... 'Fawlty Towers'! But the upshot of all our efforts is an efficient, responsible paint system that will soon catch up on the new demand, and that we'll be able to deliver high quality results even faster. We can't apologise enough to the customers who have suffered delays as a result, but we can promise that we are working through the backlog of orders as quickly as possible.

Jali is about innovation, and we believe in a bright, bespoke future - not off the shelf solutions. As a valued customer, we are delighted to have you with us on this journey; your understanding means the world to us.

Nicholas Showan FRSA
MD, Jali Ltd