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Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover

Mrs McCulloch was planning a makeover of her home study and was in desperate need of additional storage. She saw her ideal design in a Sunday Times article featuring Jali dressers. Amazingly, it was almost exactly the same as she wanted. 

She used the Jali Designer to customise two dresser units, one for either side of her fireplace and television. The Jali dresser is a bookcase integrated into a cupboard. This is a very popular and very versatile design. These two dressers make an impressive wall feature when placed either side of a fireplace, or television. Dresser units can have up to three sections, with any number of shelves and different door arrangements. The overall and relative sizes of the cupboard and shelving can be designed to precisely fit the circumstances.

The two dressers were designed as free-standing units to exactly fit the available space.

The lights are not a standard feature. Here the customer has used their own lamp fittings to create an attractive display feature. Apertures for lighting fittings can easily be cut through the top board before full assembly of the dresser. Using lighting will really bring your furniture to life. Jali furniture helps you hide all those wires and cabling. Use mirrors or glass with lighting in your furniture for a really stunning effect.


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