Updating Your Home On A Budget

There’s lots of ways to increase the value of your home, as well as update the overall appearance, but many of these cost big bucks. From adding an extension to converting the attic, home renovation isn’t cheap.

The good news however is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to update your home. Here are just a few ideas which could make a surprising difference to how your property looks.

A Lick of Paint

Everyone knows that giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will make the room look brighter and cleaner, but there’s no need to stop there. Many other parts of your home would also benefit from being painted and it could completely transform the overall look.

The front door is the first thing that visitors see, and painting it could give you instant curb appeal. You’ll only get one chance to make a first impression, and a freshly painted front door will make a world of difference.

Inside, you can paint lots of different elements, both big and small. In the bathroom, you can even buy special paint to update your bathtub and the surrounding tiles. Whether you change the colour or just refresh the existing decor, it will make your bathroom feel like a different room.

Cover Those Radiators

Radiators are a necessary evil in many homes, providing an excellent source of heat – but not looking particularly attractive.

Radiator covers are the solution, a great way to maximise the heat distribution in the room while giving a much-needed facelift. You can pick a radiator cover in a style that suits your decor; you’ll find a wide choice, from simple and modern to more ornate, intricate designs.

The heat from radiators can easily be lost behind curtains, but a radiator cover is functional as well as attractive, forcing the heat forward and into the room. So much more than just an attractive feature, a radiator cover can provide real benefits too.

Jali bespoke radiator cover

Don’t Forget Fixtures and Fittings

Finally, by simply changing your fixtures and fittings around your home, you can make a significant difference to the overall look.

These are the kinds of details that can often be missed, but by changing a drawer handle or a cupboard knob, you can instantly update the appearance. Look around your home and you’ll find lots of other small accessories that can easily be updated without blowing your budget, such as taps and light switches.

Be Inspired by Jali

For more ideas and inspiration about how to update your home, including our range of bespoke radiator covers, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today.

Top 4 Benefits of Radiator Covers

Jali bespoke radiator cabinet

With conflicting views on whether radiator covers are effective in terms of efficiency and whether they actually add a design element to your home or become a hindrance, it can be difficult to know whether you want this addition to your home. Whether you view radiator covers as an energy efficiency tool or a cosmetic improvement to your home, radiator covers also have other benefits.


Despite the two key benefits of style and energy efficiency, radiator covers are also essential for childproofing. The heat from radiators can be a dangerous element in your family home and with younger children around it can very easily be an accident waiting to happen. While many replace their radiators with a low surface temperature radiator which is inexpensive, the actual act of getting one installed can be a long and arduous process.

Ultimately a radiator cover is a cheaper and offers a more aesthetic option. The functionality of a radiator cover is designed to prevent burn injuries that can occur when the heat from the radiator is too high by limiting the access to the radiator. Many radiator covers offer access through the front panel, allowing you to be able to get to the radiator when you need to without exposing it entirely to the little hands and feet around the house. You can also fit the radiator cover to include electrical sockets as it helps to hide them from those little hands and feet.

Additional Shelf Space

As many radiator covers follow a decorate cabinet design, by purchasing a radiator cover you also have an additional option in terms of shelving space. While you cannot place anything inside your radiator cover cabinet, there is plenty of space on top. From ornaments and family photos, there’s room for it all! This transforms your radiator cabinet into a multipurpose piece of furniture to add a decorative yet functional flair to your home.Jali radiator cover

Energy Efficient

As we’ve already briefly mentioned, radiator covers offer better energy efficiency in your home, provided that they have proper and effective backing, as this helps to distribute the heat evenly. Provided that the radiator cover has evenly spaced ventilation gaps which also work as a design aspect, there is nothing to block the heat produced by the radiator. As the heat is encapsulated in the radiator cover cabinet, it is released slowly through the ventilation gaps in the front panels, this can keep your house warmer for longer with less energy used.

Hallway Feature

It can be difficult to make your hallway look exciting past decorating it with family pictures and the odd mirror. By adding a radiator cover you also add an additional design element which breaks up the monotonous layout of most hallways. Thanks to the ornate and beautiful patterns available on most modern radiator covers, the cabinet design of most radiator covers look less clunky and obstructive and much more stylistic.

The fretwork grills also allow for more coordination in your decor as they can match an existing pattern in your hallway. Don’t be afraid of painting your radiator cover in different colours and patterns in order to make it stand out or even to fit in better with your existing decor!


At Jali, we offer a range of radiator product as well as a variety of household furniture. To find out more about the bespoke products we create contact us or take a look at our products.


Making a feature of your hallway

A hallway is the portal to your home, which is why it’s well worth investing in making it a beautiful space. From colour and accessories to furniture, there are many different things that you can do with a hallway to ensure that it reflects you and the personality of your home. The possibilities are endless!

Here, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite tips for ensuring that your hallway is a feature in your home.

Think colour

When it comes to decorating a hallway, there are a few different directions you can go in. If you have a smaller space then a neutral colour palette is a great way to amplify the light, and help to create the feeling of airiness and space. You can then look to inject statement accessories in a select colour palette, such as lampshades, artwork, or rugs if you want to bring some vibrancy.

Alternatively, if you have a larger area to play with, you may want to go bold with deep, dark walls – or even coloured tiled floors for a luxurious feel. Play with textures as well as colour for maximum impact; we love deep dark tones paired with beautiful smooth brass or copper accessories.

Give your radiators some love

Many hallways include a radiator, which can be annoying for people looking to create a beautiful space; after all, most radiators are not particularly attractive. However, that doesn’t have to mean that your dreams of a statement hallway are no longer achievable. Make sure that every single part of your hallway gets some love by investing in decorative radiator covers, which can help to hide away some of the less attractive elements of a room, and instead turn them into a feature to be proud of.

Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or want to opt for something more detailed and vibrant, radiator covers are an excellent way to make a statement. Plus, they can also help your home be more efficient, as they push the warm air forwards into the room. Check out some of our beautiful bespoke radiator covers.

Don’t forget the details

A hallway doesn’t have as many elements to play with as many other rooms in a home, which is why you have to make sure that all the details count. From door handles to lampshades and rugs, make sure that you’re using everything you have in your toolbox to bring the space together. Invest in a floor lamp to bring some ambience to the area later in the day, or dot the walls with mirrors, artworks and wall hangings to bring a touch of eclectic chic to those passing through.

You can also use your radiator covers to provide yourself with some extra storage or even use them for alternative uses. For example, you can cover the gas and electric meters without making them difficult to access, thanks to the removable front panel of most radiator covers.

If you’re interested in making your hallway a heavenly space, or indeed any other room in your home, then get in touch with one of our friendly team today to find out more about our beautiful bespoke furniture.

4 home styles that demand radiator covers

Jali made to measure radiator cabinet

Radiator covers take any well-designed interior to the next level, and then there are styles that just wouldn’t be complete without them. While Victorian, Moroccan, Hamptons, and Baroque style interiors share little in common, they do all look vastly better with radiator covers.


Victorian homes that still house original features add great value to the property. Stained glass windows, decorative trims around doorways and windows, geometric tiled hallways and patterned wallpaper are all characteristics of a traditional Victorian home. Floral patterns and elaborate design details were a strong trend found throughout these homes so a floral pattern and intricately detailed radiator cover would fit in perfectly.

Jali bespoke radiator cover


Moroccan style interiors typically contain intricate and highly symmetrical patterns, floral motifs and bold colours. Of course Moroccan styles stem from islamic art and culture., Beautiful archways and curved doorways are original features of this style, and traditionally the colour scheme reflects either desert or ocean hues. Plush upholstered furniture and heavily patterned rugs are staples of Moroccan interiors, as are geometric, colourful tiles. Floral, geometric and star patterned radiator covers in brilliant reds, oranges, greens and blues would fit a Moroccan style interior with aplomb.


The Hamptons, where New York’s rich and famous get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax by the sea. A lot of white is used, with blues and reds making up the three most predominant colours in this laid-back style. It’s not just the colours of the American flag that are key to this look; stars and stripes on furnishings are also characteristics of the Hamptons style. Woods and other natural materials create a homely feel that is not over-the-top, while nautical themes run throughout. This style is very versatile with our radiator covers with star, striped and criss-cross radiator covers being the most suitable to fit this look. White would be the most obvious colour, while a red or blue cover would stand out for all the right reasons.     


The elaborate and opulent style known as Baroque gained popularity in the 17th century. One of its most famous proponents was King Louis XIV who had the Palace of Versailles decked out in bronze sculptures, intricate tapestries and large chandeliers. The Baroque style screams grandeur and typically uses furnishings with lots of whites, yellows and reds of different hues and a whole lot of gold. Oversized mirrors with gilt frames, crystal chandeliers and richly woven carpets with intricate detailing are all characteristics of this style.

While we don’t have specific baroque style radiator covers, there’s nothing to stop you from painting one of our radiator covers and adding the trademark gold leaf of the Baroque style to regal criss cross style fretwork. Our majestic fleur-de-lis patterned radiator cover also goes hand in hand with Baroque-inspired interiors.

Our radiator covers come in many patterns, shapes and sizes. There are also several colours and finishes to pick from, and they can be customised to perfectly fit around your radiator. Click here to see our full range of radiator covers.  


Style up your storage, for less!

One size, or style, will never suit everyone. At Jali, we believe in great design for all, and lots of choice, so your furniture will fit your space, your taste and your budget perfectly.

Jali bespoke double cupboardClever customer Tony has taken full advantage of our online options to create unique storage units for different spots in his home, enjoying all the advantages of bespoke but without the expense!

Jali bespoke cupboard with fretwork doorsThe two cupboards Tony designed show just how versatile the Jali system is.

The double cupboard, above, has Shaker-style doors and a deep plinth.

The smaller cupboard, left, has no plinth, so the fretwork doors, in pattern 2152, can make the maximum impact.

Tony also chose our radiator cabinets for his home. These are freetstanding by default, but like our cupboards, drawer units and bookcases, they can be easily modified on our online Designer to fit snugly against one or two walls, according to need.

Jali bespoke radiator coverAnd we give you a choice of solid or fretwork doors when designing Jali cupboards or wardrobes – you can even design and order doors on their own to upgrade kitchen or bathroom storage!

So like our loyal customer Tony, discover the joys of styling up your home with Jali – more joy every day, and much less to pay…



Renew and refresh your room, with real wood veneers!

Décor looking a little drab? On the hunt for good-looking storage you can put together fast? Jali furniture in real wood veneers gives you the best of all worlds. It’s easy to assemble and only needs finishing with a suitable oil to protect its natural beauty.

i303Choose our pale and very interesting oak finish or pick rich walnut for a darker, sophisticated impact. Both options have unique markings and figuring that comes from the trees from which it was cut.

The Jali team then ensures all the parts that make up your order are skillfully made and will fit together perfectly.

The result: stunning, bespoke furniture that brings a touch of nature indoors, to make your room look really special.

So if painting isn’t really your thing, or you just fancy a change, take full advantage of our real wood veneers. They’re good for the planet and they won’t ever go out of fashion. Isn’t Mother Nature a darling? She really knows how to make a style statement, one that is guilt-free and will give you pleasure for years… bless!


Fab Feb fretwork – fast!

February may be the shortest month, but it’s quite long enough, thank you very much, to make some fast and effective changes to your home…

Fretwork really is one of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your surroundings. It adds a dash of daring and drama to your décor. It’s individual and inimitable. And it’s so inexpensive!

Some of the fabulous Jali bespoke fretwork patternsAbove are some of the fantastic patterns available on the Jali website. Using our fabulous fretwork is a great way to transform any interior, from period refurbishments to the Fusion trend that has proved such a winner in recent months.

Jali bespoke screenJust imagine trying to make your own complex decorative panels, and you’ll soon see why professional designers and home DIYers alike make a beeline for Jali.

Those precise, crisply-cut designs are the result of immense expertise, care and technical know-how, and boy do they look good…

I spotted this screen in a beauty salon in Canterbury – it was so obviously one of ours! The owner said a friend had given it to her and she’d had many admiring comments on it.

The fretwork panels available on our website are 6mm thick; use the ‘Customise’ link to change the size of the panel as well as the border around the pattern.

17Use the ‘Border options’ button on the Jali Designer to change the border dimensions from 5mm to 200mm on all four sides equally, or even choose a different width for each side if that suits you better.

Or just choose your favourite pattern as the grille for a Jali radiator cabinet, as seen in this lovely photo by David Mereweather.

It was on the front cover of a Wealden Times magazine that I picked up in Waitrose; it was great to see one of our products in such a delightful setting!


Our secret recipe for a brilliant bespoke kitchen…

Ah, that bespoke kitchen, the one you’re dreaming of – beautiful, practical, perfect. But then there’s the cost, the one you have nightmares about: estimates more eye-watering than a string of onions, prices as high as Michelin-starred soufflés…

But Jali has a special, secret recipe to help you achieve your dreams, without making an Eton Mess of your finances.

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboardsOur customer Andrew used it to create a stunning bespoke kitchen, with some very clever storage ideas behind the elegant frontages. Having designed what he needed online on the Jali website, he then let us know that “The packages arrived perfectly and have all been fitted. We have some painting to do and once complete I’ll send you some photos.”

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboardAndrew was as good as his word and we were thrilled to see the results; thank you!

“With regards to the items we ordered from you we have found them to be perfect,” he said. “To be able to custom size a unit or door for a space is a very useful solution.”

Andrew also told us “We are very happy with your service and would highly recommend you to others.”

As well as a run of cupboards over fridge-freezer and worktop, Andrew designed a storage unit comprising a fitted cupboard and two deep drawers (left).

If you have a kitchen with nooks and crannies, awkward corners, alcoves or any irregular areas, Jali can solve a multitude of problems. It means you can make the best use of every last scrap of space, without comprising your kitchen’s appearance.

The photo below shows what’s inside Andrew’s stylish Jali unit: I love the way Andrew has added storage racks inside the doors, having used the Jali Designer to set the lower shelves far enough back for them to close. Clever, eh?

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboard – interiorBut even if your space is more conventional, Jali is a great choice. Non-fitted kitchen units are increasingly popular, especially for those in the rental sector. Many customers have used the Jali Designer to create central island units, as well as freestanding cupboards and drawer units.

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboards: detailSo you can take your pick – with Jali, you’re always in control and independent. No pushy salespeople. No massive mark-ups or expensive in-house design systems whose results might tempt you over your original budget limit.

The Jali online design system is free, and so is most UK delivery of items costing over £50.00 (inc VAT). Moreover, our pricing is transparent and you can see how much you’ll be paying right up front, including VAT, before you place your order. Add to all that superb quality, finish and customer service, and top off with a dash of pride in designing and assembling your own units. So if a bespoke kitchen is on your menu for 2017, Jali could just be your best recipe for success…


Storage units that show off – impeccably!

Jali bespoke bookcaseWe’ve always known that Jali customers are a pretty special bunch. Minimalists, on the whole, you are not; after all, if you didn’t have very much stuff, you wouldn’t need extra places to store or display it, would you?

And we do know that lots of you collect things, ranging from guitars to books to vintage handbags.

This week, David Beckham confessed to having over 1,000 pairs of (used) football boots – he just couldn’t bring himself to throw any of them away after a game.

(Several questions spring to mind here – do they get cleaned or do they still have half the pitch stuck to them? Is that part of the sentimental/lucky omen appeal? Do they smell a little, umm… pungent? And what does Victoria think? If you want to hear the man himself dish the dirt, as it were, he’s Kirsty’s guest on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs this Sunday, 29th January.)

Jali bespoke shoe storage for Kaddy Lee-Preston Still, over one thousand pairs, eh? Now that’s a collection that would challenge most storage systems, but not ours. After all, Jali made a bespoke unit for Kaddy Lee-Preston’s almost equally impressive shoe array (above and below).

Jali bespoke shoe storage for Kaddy Lee-PrestonThe beauty of the Jali system is its flexibility. No matter what is in your collection – however big, small, fragile or oddly-shaped – you can design one or more storage units around what you love, rather than trying to adapt it to what’s on the market.

With our genius kitchen dresser Designer, you can also combine shelving, cupboards and drawers to create unique display and storage units. You know how you can stop noticing and really appreciating what’s on show after a while? Whether it’s ceramics or tin toys, and however beautiful or quirky, we can get so used to seeing the same things day after day that we eventually just take them for granted.

Jali bespoke dresserWell, with a specially designed Jali unit, you can be your own expert curator!

You can move pieces around, displaying some on shelves or behind glass doors, while keeping others safe from dust and damage in cupboards and drawers.

That way, you’ll keep the element of freshness and surprise, and you’ll be able to wow yourself on a regular basis, as well as your visitors. And that has to be a good thing…


Budget bathroom cabinets – bespoke and beautiful!

Jali bespoke bathroom cupboards (detail)If you thought that Jali was just for living rooms, bedrooms and halls – think again! Our products are perfect for bathrooms too, as our customer Helen realised. Before starting her project, Helen was really clear about her aims: “When planning the new bathroom I had to consider several factors such as:

Budget: if I wanted bespoke units built, it would just cost too much.

Storage: I wanted to create as much storage as I possibly could. However, I did not like any of the ready-made units for sale in bathroom & DIY stores. They were expensive and difficult to fit into a Victorian house. Also, many were very contemporary in look, which was not what I felt would suit the house.”

So this clever and capable woman got to work…

“To Jali bespoke bathroom cupboard make maximum use of the space I designed a cupboard which combines a cover for the radiator and acts as a linen cupboard above – so all my linen and towels are kept lovely and warm.”

What a brilliant idea – there is nothing like something all-enveloping, warm and soft when you step out of a bath or shower, especially in chilly winter days. Heaven in a bathtowel. Sorry, Helen, where were we… ah, yes.

“I was able to phone the Jali team for help with dimensions and the placing of the shelves.”

You can see the inside of the cupboard, below; the louvred fretwork doors make it a perfect combined radiator cover and linen cupboard.

Jali bespoke bathroom cupboardAnd now for the rest of the bathroom. “The sink unit (below) gives me all the storage space I need for cleaning materials, toiletries & medicines etc,” says Helen. “The top surface is a sheet of white gloss laminate, cut to size, which gives a very finished look and is easy to maintain.”

This is a really important factor in bathroom design – an installation that looks wonderful at first can easily start to lose its appeal, especially if you live in a hard water area, or is in constant use by the family.

Jali bespoke bathroom cupboardsJali bespoke bathroom cupboard

Jali bespoke bathroom cabinets (drawing)It was certainly important to Helen: “Easy cleaning – I wanted a bathroom that could be easily cleaned and maintained, with no ugly pipes showing. The toilet (below) was fitted into a recess using a Jali cupboard design modified to fit. It is ideal – looks good, works well, and it hides all the pipes.”

Jali bespoke bathroom cupboardJali enabled me to design a bathroom that suited the age of the property, giving a traditional effect that would not date & give me the bespoke look I wanted.”

“The gentleman who has carried out our home maintenance for over twenty years, completely fitted and decorated the bathroom. He found it easy to construct and could modify the units such as the toilet and wash hand basin with little difficulty. He, like myself, was impressed by the finish of the product.”

And Helen’s verdict on the completed installation? “I am delighted with the result, having achieved a good looking, easily maintained bathroom with loads of storage.” Helen also thanked Amy and the rest of the Jali team for their help and advice enabling us to complete the bathroom.”

Thank you for your great photos, Helen, and for giving us some fantastic ideas for our own bathroom projects. You’ve achieved something you can be very proud of. And you’ve shown just how versatile and adaptable Jali cupboards can be…