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New Product: Alcove Shelving

3rd July 2022

Jali Alcove Shelving

We’ve added a new bespoke DIY product; alcove shelving. You can customise your own in the Jali designer. Alcove shelving is ideal for turning alcove space into a storage solution, perhaps either side of a chimney breast.

As well setting the size and quantity, you can choose from different shelf styles and batten options. Once ordered, the assembly process is really simple.

Alcove Shelving - Placing Fixings

Place cams and cam bolts in the appropriate holes.


Alcove Shelving - Ready to Assemble

How you attach the battens to your wall depends on your wall type. For example, if it’s a masonry wall, you would start by drilling a larger hole then inserting a wall plug before screwing. Be sure to get the batten completely level, then fit both screws in turn.

Alcove Shelving - Fixing Batten

The shelf should simply drop into place, with the cam bolts aligning with the cams.

Alcove Shelving - Placing Shelf

Once in place, the cams should be locked with pozi screwdriver via the access holes.

Alcove Shelving - Locking Cams

For a simple shelf, this is all that’s required. However, customers can add a back batten which is vital for wider shelves or shelves that will take more load.

Alcove Shelving - Complete Shelf

In the Jali designer, you can choose a square front shelf, a rounded front, or if preferred, a ‘lip’ part that fits to the front. This gives the impression of a chunkier shelf.

Alcove Shelving - Lip

To complete this look, customers could add bespoke 6mm MDF Shapes. This could be glued in place, and filler used to hide all seams before painting.

Alcove Shelving - Chunky

What can you do with some custom alcove shelving? Get started now.