Making Your Home Feel Homely

Whether you rent or own your property, a home is so much more than simply a physical space. Feelings of comfort, security and familiarity, being surrounded by our own style, transforms any place you live in into your home.

Without items that look homely, a space can seem sterile, clinical and detached. If you want to inject a bit of warmth into your home, here are a few ideas that could help.

Think Pictures

Whether you’re an art fan or simply love being surrounded by photos of the family, pictures can really transform a space.

Artwork on the walls adds a personal stamp of style, and can complement and accent your chosen furniture. You don’t need a big space to embrace art; a series of small frames can have quite a magnificent effect.

Photos of family and friends are another way to instantly change the feel of your abode. It’s the difference between a show house and a home, and creates the impression of cosiness. If you don’t like lots of photos scattered around, a multi-picture frame on the wall makes an ideal alternative.

Display your belongings

Whether you are a collector of knick-knacks or just have a few choice items, everyone has personal possessions which looks good on display.

You don’t need to have a large home to be able to accommodate this; opt for space-saving shelving and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

It’s up to you exactly what you choose to display. Some people opt for sentimental items, or belongings from their childhood. Others prefer stylish accessories that complement the decor. Whatever camp you fall into, having a few choice items on display can really add depth to your decor.

Offer comfort

A home shouldn’t just be beautiful to look at, it should be comfortable to live in too. Therefore, when you’re creating your perfect space, think about the items that will make you feel snug, cosy and relaxed.

This could be extra cushions on the sofa, a chunky knit throw, or perhaps a stylish lamp that you can switch on to enjoy a soft glow at night. Homes are more than purely functional, they should be a place to feel safe and secure; a few choice items will easily achieve this.

Show yourself off

Whatever your personal taste, your home should be an expression of yourself. Whether you prefer a modern and minimalist style or a traditional and classic look, there are lots of ways to get your personality across and create a home which really is homely.

3 Ways to Create More Space at Home

If your home feels like it’s bursting at the seams, but extending your property or moving isn’t an option, don’t give up. There are some ingenious tricks you can try to help provide the illusion of space – and make you and your family feel more comfortable.


Here’s a few ideas to get you started.


Remove walls

If you can’t stretch to a full extension, but you have multiple rooms in your home, you might want to consider a radical re-organisation. Walls don’t just restrict the amount of light that comes into the room, they also gobble up a surprising amount of space.


If you’re able to knock down walls to create a more open plan area, you could be amazed at the difference it makes. Not only will the rooms feel more light and airy, but the extra inches created by the removal of the wall can help significantly too. By removing the wall and creating a much larger room you’ll have more options to arrange furniture, and it could mean you have more space to move around.


Rethink your furniture

Many people move from one property to another with their furniture and never stop to think about whether it still really fits. The sofa and armchairs may get replaced from time to time, but how about the rest of your furniture? Have you ever considered the dresser, cabinet, table or bookcase, and whether it still works?


By taking a step back and re-evaluating all your furniture, you could find yourself decluttering on a much bigger scale. While you might not want to get rid of useful storage, if there’s large and clunky furniture which could be replaced with smaller and more streamlined pieces, there’s an opportunity to easily gain more space.


You could also consider dual use furniture such as sofas with storage. This will reduce the number of items you need in your home without compromising your options.


Get creative with storage

If the space around you is sucked up with essential clutter, it may be that you simply need more storage. There’s lots of different ways to achieve this from utilising under sofa space to hanging hooks on the wall, or even through erecting more shelving. Try and use statement pieces to bring life into a room – through pops of colour or vibrant details.


By making space for your items, you’ll find it much easier to keep everything tidy, instantly creating a far roomier and less crowded feel.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice: Investing In Quality Furniture

Most people love a bargain, but does buying something cheaply mean you’re simply wasting your money? There’s a real difference between getting a good deal and paying out for something that won’t last. The trick is being able to spot the difference between the two.


When it comes to furniture, it pays to shop around for the best price – but compromising on quality is never a good idea.


Being Savvy With Your Spending

Being smart with money isn’t just about knowing how to save a few pennies; it’s also about knowing when you need to splash the cash. While you might be willing to take a risk or two with low cost items, when it comes to the bigger purchases, it’s a different matter.


Buying cheap furniture may seem like the savvy option, but when it falls apart after a short time and you have to replace it, the price tag will suddenly seem quite expensive. To be truly money-wise, it’s important to understand the purchases which are worth investing in, because they’ll repay what you spent. Furniture falls into this category: by investing in high quality items, they’ll last a long time – and you won’t have to keep spending out on inferior items that aren’t really up to par.


When Quality Matters

A cheap piece of furniture might look good in the showroom, but somewhere along the line, costs will have been cut. It’s simply not possible to create the same high quality finish at a much lower price.


It’s worth considering where the cuts may have been made. Are the sofa cushions thick, plump and soft? Or are they thin and cheap, likely to wear down after just a short time? And how about those cupboards – is the wood of a high quality? Or is it likely to splinter and break once your belongings are all stored away?


High quality furniture is about far more than simple aesthetics. Cheap and cheerful may look the part, but once you start to use it, the inferior materials, manufacture and design will soon be evident.


Make Your Furniture The Focus

If you like to switch up your decor regularly, getting new furniture may seem appealing – but there are ways to change your look without sacrificing quality.  


Put the furniture at the heart of your decor and design your room around it. You might want to move the furniture around, add a new detail or feature piece like a radiator cover, paint the walls or buy new cushions; there are lots of ways to change the appearance of your home while still keeping the same core staples.


Indulge Yourself

You deserve far more than cheap furniture which is lumpy, thin and poor quality. When you buy cheap furniture, you buy twice – with no exceptions. Treat yourself by investing in high quality furniture that you love – and it will be part of your home for many years to come.

Top Tips For Installing Radiator Covers

Jali radiator cabinet being assembled

Everyone likes to feel warm and cosy, and radiator covers are the ideal option – adding up to 30% more heat into your home. Attractive and practical too, radiator covers provide a beautiful veneer to cover up the boring metal appearance

However, although the design of radiator covers may be hard to resist, you might be worrying about how to install the cover without professional help. Never fear! Help is at hand with this guide below – but you’ll soon realise that installing a radiator cover is much less hassle than you thought…

Measuring up

Never assume you know the dimensions of your radiator; before investing in high quality radiator covers make sure you know exactly the size you need.

Many modern radiators come in a standard size, but this isn’t always the case. Some homes may have had smaller or larger radiators installed, leaving you with the need for a made to measure cover. Similarly, older homes may include radiators which are a different size. It’s therefore essential to get out your tape measure before purchasing what you need.

When you’re measuring your radiator, don’t forget to make sure you allow enough room for the nozzles and valves you want to be covered too. The height is measured from the floor up; it’s not just the height of the actual radiator itself.

Once you have your full set of dimensions, you should add around 2.5cm to get the size of radiator cover to buy. This provides the necessary air circulation around the radiator while it’s in use.

Fitted or free-standing?

Many types of radiator cover come in a flatpack and must be assembled before being fixed in place. You should also find out if they come with their own mounts, making it simple to attach your radiator cover to the wall, even if your DIY skills are fairly basic.

Some types of radiator cover are freestanding. This means that once you’ve put all the pieces together, it simply slides into position and doesn’t need to be attached. Although this design is obviously much simpler, there are limitations. Freestanding radiator covers aren’t as secure and are therefore unsuitable for many other uses, such as shelving or storage.

Attaching a radiator cover to the wall may mean a little more work at the outset, but in the longer run, you’ll appreciate the extra options it provides.

Choose your design

Browse through the enormous selection of radiator covers we offer here at Jali, and you’re certain to find the design that matches your decor. With bespoke and made to measure radiator covers too, why not speak to a member of the team today to get yours ordered?

Where Should You Position A Radiator?

Jali bespoke radiator cover

A radiator is a cost-effective means of heating a room, providing an affordable solution and consistent warmth, right where you need it.

Radiators have traditionally always been placed on an exterior wall, typically below a window, and most people don’t ever consider moving them. However, it’s now surprisingly easy to relocate a radiator in your room, providing more options than ever before. Here are a few ideas about the best place to position a radiator.

Out with tradition?

If you’re keen to have your radiator relocated into a different part of the room, there’s nothing to stop you making the switch. Nevertheless, there are some benefits to having your radiator below the window, so it’s worth thinking about it carefully.

The exterior wall, and the window above, are usually the coldest spots in the room. Having a radiator here helps to prevent cold air from entering, and immediately dropping downwards.

Although a radiator can help to counteract the seepage of cold air, in reality double glazing and good insulation means that this is far less of a problem. If you’re in an old, draughty property, keeping your radiator below the window might be a good idea, but for modern homes, it’s far less essential.

Jali bespoke desk, shelving, shutters and radiator cabinet

Get creative

Improvements with technology mean that you can now place your radiator wherever you want in your room, without the need to be hampered by piping. Relocating a radiator isn’t a big task and provides lots more flexibility with the design of your space.

Where possible, try to locate the radiator so that it won’t be behind any large items of furniture. Ideally, the space in front of the radiator will be clear and free of clutter. This provides the best chance of heating the room effectively.

Curtains can be another problem for radiators; long or mid-length curtains can seriously affect the amount of heat given out.

Decorative yet functional

Wherever you decide to place your radiator, investing in a radiator cover could be a smart move. You can get bespoke and made to measure radiator covers which are surprisingly affordable. These match with radiators which aren’t the standard shape or size, and can even fit snugly into alcoves or recesses.

As well as improving the appearance, a radiator cover can help cut down costs. One of the biggest factors for deciding where to position your radiator is the loss of heat. A radiator cover prevents the heat from moving backwards, and instead forces it out into the room. This creates a far more effective method of heating, saving you money in the process.

Radiator covers offer the solution to getting the perfect position for your radiator, keeping more of the warmth directed into your room. If you need any help or advice about radiator covers, contact Jali for free information and guidance, and a no-obligation chat about how we can help.


Style up your storage, for less!

One size, or style, will never suit everyone. At Jali, we believe in great design for all, and lots of choice, so your furniture will fit your space, your taste and your budget perfectly.

Jali bespoke double cupboardClever customer Tony has taken full advantage of our online options to create unique storage units for different spots in his home, enjoying all the advantages of bespoke but without the expense!

Jali bespoke cupboard with fretwork doorsThe two cupboards Tony designed show just how versatile the Jali system is.

The double cupboard, above, has Shaker-style doors and a deep plinth.

The smaller cupboard, left, has no plinth, so the fretwork doors, in pattern 2152, can make the maximum impact.

Tony also chose our radiator cabinets for his home. These are freetstanding by default, but like our cupboards, drawer units and bookcases, they can be easily modified on our online Designer to fit snugly against one or two walls, according to need.

Jali bespoke radiator coverAnd we give you a choice of solid or fretwork doors when designing Jali cupboards or wardrobes – you can even design and order doors on their own to upgrade kitchen or bathroom storage!

So like our loyal customer Tony, discover the joys of styling up your home with Jali – more joy every day, and much less to pay…



Renew and refresh your room, with real wood veneers!

Décor looking a little drab? On the hunt for good-looking storage you can put together fast? Jali furniture in real wood veneers gives you the best of all worlds. It’s easy to assemble and only needs finishing with a suitable oil to protect its natural beauty.

i303Choose our pale and very interesting oak finish or pick rich walnut for a darker, sophisticated impact. Both options have unique markings and figuring that comes from the trees from which it was cut.

The Jali team then ensures all the parts that make up your order are skillfully made and will fit together perfectly.

The result: stunning, bespoke furniture that brings a touch of nature indoors, to make your room look really special.

So if painting isn’t really your thing, or you just fancy a change, take full advantage of our real wood veneers. They’re good for the planet and they won’t ever go out of fashion. Isn’t Mother Nature a darling? She really knows how to make a style statement, one that is guilt-free and will give you pleasure for years… bless!


Fab Feb fretwork – fast!

February may be the shortest month, but it’s quite long enough, thank you very much, to make some fast and effective changes to your home…

Fretwork really is one of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your surroundings. It adds a dash of daring and drama to your décor. It’s individual and inimitable. And it’s so inexpensive!

Some of the fabulous Jali bespoke fretwork patternsAbove are some of the fantastic patterns available on the Jali website. Using our fabulous fretwork is a great way to transform any interior, from period refurbishments to the Fusion trend that has proved such a winner in recent months.

Jali bespoke screenJust imagine trying to make your own complex decorative panels, and you’ll soon see why professional designers and home DIYers alike make a beeline for Jali.

Those precise, crisply-cut designs are the result of immense expertise, care and technical know-how, and boy do they look good…

I spotted this screen in a beauty salon in Canterbury – it was so obviously one of ours! The owner said a friend had given it to her and she’d had many admiring comments on it.

The fretwork panels available on our website are 6mm thick; use the ‘Customise’ link to change the size of the panel as well as the border around the pattern.

17Use the ‘Border options’ button on the Jali Designer to change the border dimensions from 5mm to 200mm on all four sides equally, or even choose a different width for each side if that suits you better.

Or just choose your favourite pattern as the grille for a Jali radiator cabinet, as seen in this lovely photo by David Mereweather.

It was on the front cover of a Wealden Times magazine that I picked up in Waitrose; it was great to see one of our products in such a delightful setting!


Our secret recipe for a brilliant bespoke kitchen…

Ah, that bespoke kitchen, the one you’re dreaming of – beautiful, practical, perfect. But then there’s the cost, the one you have nightmares about: estimates more eye-watering than a string of onions, prices as high as Michelin-starred soufflés…

But Jali has a special, secret recipe to help you achieve your dreams, without making an Eton Mess of your finances.

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboardsOur customer Andrew used it to create a stunning bespoke kitchen, with some very clever storage ideas behind the elegant frontages. Having designed what he needed online on the Jali website, he then let us know that “The packages arrived perfectly and have all been fitted. We have some painting to do and once complete I’ll send you some photos.”

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboardAndrew was as good as his word and we were thrilled to see the results; thank you!

“With regards to the items we ordered from you we have found them to be perfect,” he said. “To be able to custom size a unit or door for a space is a very useful solution.”

Andrew also told us “We are very happy with your service and would highly recommend you to others.”

As well as a run of cupboards over fridge-freezer and worktop, Andrew designed a storage unit comprising a fitted cupboard and two deep drawers (left).

If you have a kitchen with nooks and crannies, awkward corners, alcoves or any irregular areas, Jali can solve a multitude of problems. It means you can make the best use of every last scrap of space, without comprising your kitchen’s appearance.

The photo below shows what’s inside Andrew’s stylish Jali unit: I love the way Andrew has added storage racks inside the doors, having used the Jali Designer to set the lower shelves far enough back for them to close. Clever, eh?

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboard – interiorBut even if your space is more conventional, Jali is a great choice. Non-fitted kitchen units are increasingly popular, especially for those in the rental sector. Many customers have used the Jali Designer to create central island units, as well as freestanding cupboards and drawer units.

Bespoke Jali kitchen cupboards: detailSo you can take your pick – with Jali, you’re always in control and independent. No pushy salespeople. No massive mark-ups or expensive in-house design systems whose results might tempt you over your original budget limit.

The Jali online design system is free, and so is most UK delivery of items costing over £50.00 (inc VAT). Moreover, our pricing is transparent and you can see how much you’ll be paying right up front, including VAT, before you place your order. Add to all that superb quality, finish and customer service, and top off with a dash of pride in designing and assembling your own units. So if a bespoke kitchen is on your menu for 2017, Jali could just be your best recipe for success…


Storage units that show off – impeccably!

Jali bespoke bookcaseWe’ve always known that Jali customers are a pretty special bunch. Minimalists, on the whole, you are not; after all, if you didn’t have very much stuff, you wouldn’t need extra places to store or display it, would you?

And we do know that lots of you collect things, ranging from guitars to books to vintage handbags.

This week, David Beckham confessed to having over 1,000 pairs of (used) football boots – he just couldn’t bring himself to throw any of them away after a game.

(Several questions spring to mind here – do they get cleaned or do they still have half the pitch stuck to them? Is that part of the sentimental/lucky omen appeal? Do they smell a little, umm… pungent? And what does Victoria think? If you want to hear the man himself dish the dirt, as it were, he’s Kirsty’s guest on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs this Sunday, 29th January.)

Jali bespoke shoe storage for Kaddy Lee-Preston Still, over one thousand pairs, eh? Now that’s a collection that would challenge most storage systems, but not ours. After all, Jali made a bespoke unit for Kaddy Lee-Preston’s almost equally impressive shoe array (above and below).

Jali bespoke shoe storage for Kaddy Lee-PrestonThe beauty of the Jali system is its flexibility. No matter what is in your collection – however big, small, fragile or oddly-shaped – you can design one or more storage units around what you love, rather than trying to adapt it to what’s on the market.

With our genius kitchen dresser Designer, you can also combine shelving, cupboards and drawers to create unique display and storage units. You know how you can stop noticing and really appreciating what’s on show after a while? Whether it’s ceramics or tin toys, and however beautiful or quirky, we can get so used to seeing the same things day after day that we eventually just take them for granted.

Jali bespoke dresserWell, with a specially designed Jali unit, you can be your own expert curator!

You can move pieces around, displaying some on shelves or behind glass doors, while keeping others safe from dust and damage in cupboards and drawers.

That way, you’ll keep the element of freshness and surprise, and you’ll be able to wow yourself on a regular basis, as well as your visitors. And that has to be a good thing…