Alternative Uses For Radiator Covers


A radiator cover is a surprisingly effective addition to your home heating, with some experts estimating that they can increase the warmth in your room by up to a third.

As well as being a great way to maximise the heat that you receive, radiator covers are attractive too, and are available in a wide range of styles and designs. With such an attractive exterior, you’ll want to show off your radiator cover as much as possible! Here are a few alternative uses for radiator covers that could inspire you to transform your home.

Storage shelf

If you’re a little bit short on storage and shelves in your home, the amount of room a radiator takes up can be frustrating. Although it’s essential to create lots of warmth, the space is inevitably wasted.

This is where a radiator cover can help. As well as protecting against the possibility of burns from touching hot metal, a radiator cover makes the space functional once more. With the heat from the radiator directed out into the room, the top of the radiator is ideal for using as a shelf. It’s a good idea to refrain from keeping anything on here which is particularly heat-sensitive but other than this small restriction, there’s no limit to how you use this area.

Radiator covers can be a really useful way to maximise space in a more compact bathroom. Even if you have a small radiator cover, the space can be used in lieu of a traditional shelf for storing bathroom essentials.

Magnet for pets!

If you’ve got a feline friend in your home, you’ll already be aware of their habit of nabbing the best seat in the house.

Cats love nothing more than being warm and cosy, which is one of the reasons you’ll often see them curled up on the bonnet of a car, not long after the engine has been switched off.

If you choose a radiator cover which has a large space on top, you’ll be creating an instant new home for your kitty. Warm and elevated, a wooden radiator cover is the perfect space for your cat to relax on – just throw in an extra cushion for true feline luxury.

Scrap the coffee table

If you like a clean and minimalist look but still need a space to place items on, a radiator cover can double up. This gives you the chance to scrap cumbersome and dated pieces of furniture such as a coffee table, and instead use the new space you have available.

A radiator cover works especially well in this capacity in spaces such as halls. You won’t need to squeeze in a console or hall table, and can instead use the area on top of the radiator cover for whatever you need.

Discover bespoke radiator covers

Jali offers a range of made to measure radiator covers, suitable for both small and large areas. An affordable option for every home, speak to us today to find out how you could transform your living space.

Choosing A Summer Colour Palette

Jali bespoke cupboards

You wouldn’t want to dress the same season after season, so why should your home? Turn your home from a cosy winter hideout to a fresh and bright summer home by adding a splash of colour to your furniture. This simple trick can make your home as seasonal and stylish as you!

One great way to do this is through coloured furniture. Furniture is an easy and effective way to bring some optic feng shui to your living space. Now that summer is here, there’s nothing like a bright and fresh colour palette to enhance your furniture’s appearance. So, what colour palettes should you choose to enhance your home’s summer attire?

Pale Blue and Orange

Pale blue and orange works fantastically well by conjuring up days spent at the beach, as a large orange sun begins to set at the end of a fun-filled day.

A Summer in Paris

The combination of red and white can help you reminisce on summer vacations in Paris. Include hints of checked fabric to really get that real Parisian feeling.

Go Floral

There is nothing more summery than a bunch of bright flowers, so why not choose some furniture that resembles your favourite summer bunches?

Blue and Green

Blue and green should never be seen right? Wrong! A light tone of blues and greens can bring the best memories of freshly cut summer grass and a crystal clear sea into your home. Remember to keep to lighter shades to keep that summer feeling!

These four colour palettes will not only bring the summer inside your home, but switching from darker tones to these bright and breezy palettes can make your living space look and feel bigger as well!

Did you enjoy today’s post? Feel free to share it with your friends and help them create their perfect summer home too. If you want to know more about our products and services then do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team, today. What are you waiting for? Give us a call on 01227 833333 between 9am-5.30pm Monday to Friday, or drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Top Tips For Installing Radiator Covers

Jali radiator cabinet being assembled

Everyone likes to feel warm and cosy, and radiator covers are the ideal option – adding up to 30% more heat into your home. Attractive and practical too, radiator covers provide a beautiful veneer to cover up the boring metal appearance

However, although the design of radiator covers may be hard to resist, you might be worrying about how to install the cover without professional help. Never fear! Help is at hand with this guide below – but you’ll soon realise that installing a radiator cover is much less hassle than you thought…

Measuring up

Never assume you know the dimensions of your radiator; before investing in high quality radiator covers make sure you know exactly the size you need.

Many modern radiators come in a standard size, but this isn’t always the case. Some homes may have had smaller or larger radiators installed, leaving you with the need for a made to measure cover. Similarly, older homes may include radiators which are a different size. It’s therefore essential to get out your tape measure before purchasing what you need.

When you’re measuring your radiator, don’t forget to make sure you allow enough room for the nozzles and valves you want to be covered too. The height is measured from the floor up; it’s not just the height of the actual radiator itself.

Once you have your full set of dimensions, you should add around 2.5cm to get the size of radiator cover to buy. This provides the necessary air circulation around the radiator while it’s in use.

Fitted or free-standing?

Many types of radiator cover come in a flatpack and must be assembled before being fixed in place. You should also find out if they come with their own mounts, making it simple to attach your radiator cover to the wall, even if your DIY skills are fairly basic.

Some types of radiator cover are freestanding. This means that once you’ve put all the pieces together, it simply slides into position and doesn’t need to be attached. Although this design is obviously much simpler, there are limitations. Freestanding radiator covers aren’t as secure and are therefore unsuitable for many other uses, such as shelving or storage.

Attaching a radiator cover to the wall may mean a little more work at the outset, but in the longer run, you’ll appreciate the extra options it provides.

Choose your design

Browse through the enormous selection of radiator covers we offer here at Jali, and you’re certain to find the design that matches your decor. With bespoke and made to measure radiator covers too, why not speak to a member of the team today to get yours ordered?

Where Should You Position A Radiator?

Jali bespoke radiator cover

A radiator is a cost-effective means of heating a room, providing an affordable solution and consistent warmth, right where you need it.

Radiators have traditionally always been placed on an exterior wall, typically below a window, and most people don’t ever consider moving them. However, it’s now surprisingly easy to relocate a radiator in your room, providing more options than ever before. Here are a few ideas about the best place to position a radiator.

Out with tradition?

If you’re keen to have your radiator relocated into a different part of the room, there’s nothing to stop you making the switch. Nevertheless, there are some benefits to having your radiator below the window, so it’s worth thinking about it carefully.

The exterior wall, and the window above, are usually the coldest spots in the room. Having a radiator here helps to prevent cold air from entering, and immediately dropping downwards.

Although a radiator can help to counteract the seepage of cold air, in reality double glazing and good insulation means that this is far less of a problem. If you’re in an old, draughty property, keeping your radiator below the window might be a good idea, but for modern homes, it’s far less essential.

Jali bespoke desk, shelving, shutters and radiator cabinet

Get creative

Improvements with technology mean that you can now place your radiator wherever you want in your room, without the need to be hampered by piping. Relocating a radiator isn’t a big task and provides lots more flexibility with the design of your space.

Where possible, try to locate the radiator so that it won’t be behind any large items of furniture. Ideally, the space in front of the radiator will be clear and free of clutter. This provides the best chance of heating the room effectively.

Curtains can be another problem for radiators; long or mid-length curtains can seriously affect the amount of heat given out.

Decorative yet functional

Wherever you decide to place your radiator, investing in a radiator cover could be a smart move. You can get bespoke and made to measure radiator covers which are surprisingly affordable. These match with radiators which aren’t the standard shape or size, and can even fit snugly into alcoves or recesses.

As well as improving the appearance, a radiator cover can help cut down costs. One of the biggest factors for deciding where to position your radiator is the loss of heat. A radiator cover prevents the heat from moving backwards, and instead forces it out into the room. This creates a far more effective method of heating, saving you money in the process.

Radiator covers offer the solution to getting the perfect position for your radiator, keeping more of the warmth directed into your room. If you need any help or advice about radiator covers, contact Jali for free information and guidance, and a no-obligation chat about how we can help.


Updating Your Home On A Budget

There’s lots of ways to increase the value of your home, as well as update the overall appearance, but many of these cost big bucks. From adding an extension to converting the attic, home renovation isn’t cheap.

The good news however is that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to update your home. Here are just a few ideas which could make a surprising difference to how your property looks.

A Lick of Paint

Everyone knows that giving your walls a fresh coat of paint will make the room look brighter and cleaner, but there’s no need to stop there. Many other parts of your home would also benefit from being painted and it could completely transform the overall look.

The front door is the first thing that visitors see, and painting it could give you instant curb appeal. You’ll only get one chance to make a first impression, and a freshly painted front door will make a world of difference.

Inside, you can paint lots of different elements, both big and small. In the bathroom, you can even buy special paint to update your bathtub and the surrounding tiles. Whether you change the colour or just refresh the existing decor, it will make your bathroom feel like a different room.

Cover Those Radiators

Radiators are a necessary evil in many homes, providing an excellent source of heat – but not looking particularly attractive.

Radiator covers are the solution, a great way to maximise the heat distribution in the room while giving a much-needed facelift. You can pick a radiator cover in a style that suits your decor; you’ll find a wide choice, from simple and modern to more ornate, intricate designs.

The heat from radiators can easily be lost behind curtains, but a radiator cover is functional as well as attractive, forcing the heat forward and into the room. So much more than just an attractive feature, a radiator cover can provide real benefits too.

Jali bespoke radiator cover

Don’t Forget Fixtures and Fittings

Finally, by simply changing your fixtures and fittings around your home, you can make a significant difference to the overall look.

These are the kinds of details that can often be missed, but by changing a drawer handle or a cupboard knob, you can instantly update the appearance. Look around your home and you’ll find lots of other small accessories that can easily be updated without blowing your budget, such as taps and light switches.

Be Inspired by Jali

For more ideas and inspiration about how to update your home, including our range of bespoke radiator covers, get in touch with our knowledgeable team today.