The personal touch - for storage that suits YOU

Posted by - 16 May 2016

After last week's blog on our wish to be individuals and not have the same stuff as everyone else in our homes, guess what? A Japanese artist, Yuko Shimizu, said pretty much almost exactly the same thing in an interiors feature in The Observer Magazine on Sunday. You can find the feature plus photos here.

When it comes to furniture, the article says, Shimizu decided to challenge herself to a "No Ikea" rule. "It's pretty hard because they have some great stuff," she says, "but the problem is, whichever country you go to, everyone has the same furniture and it feels wrong." So she tries to buy original items, either on Etsy and eBay, or when she travels.

She is a collector of both "junk and expensive things" - from figurines of Chinese dictators to Fornasetti pieces. "I like to support artists," she says, "and often that means I can't immediately buy the thing I want [because it's too expensive], but that's OK. One day I might be able to."

Yuko lives in Manhatten, so she sadly can't take advantage of Jali's brilliant design-your-own furniture service, which, let's face it, is the nearest thing to heaven for anyone on a modest budget who wants bespoke, individual pieces.


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