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Radiator Cabinets

Function meets style.

From functional but ugly to the highlight of your room!

A radiator cabinet is ideal for hiding or framing intrusions such as radiators, meters, vents, etc, without making them inaccessible when they're actually needed.

Be your own interior designer

Seamless alcove and side fitting allows for tailor-made installations.

And Jali can make your radiator cabinet to the exact width for your space. A professional interior design look, the easy way!

Any style or situation

Hundreds of combinations give you endless possibilities.

Three styles of top board moulding, four patterns on the fluting and eleven decorative grille options. Extendable top boards and side panels, along with adjustable skirting height and back rail options. Result: the perfect cabinet for any situation.

Take complete control

Design your own unique product, from scratch, from home.

Use our online Jali Designer software to create exactly what you need. You can specify each individual measurement yourself, or let the Jali Designer work out the best sizes for you, automatically.

A professional finish

We do veneers now. Veneers are cool.

Ours are real wood (they smell gorgeous too). We supply parts in raw mdf, painted in white or beige primer, or veneered in real oak or walnut; the choice is yours.

Everything you need

Each kit is a self-contained project with all parts included.

Everything is designed to come together quickly and easily - just fit the unit together and paint it! All required fixings are supplied, along with full, personalised assembly instructions. All you need is a screwdriver!

Design your own

If you know what you're doing, you can start from scratch in the Jali Designer. Or, you can browse our selection of examples below. If you see something that looks almost-but-not-quite what you're after, relax! Start with any example below and customise it to fit your radiator perfectly.

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