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What we do

At Jali, we do flat-pack furniture, but better: We can provide completely bespoke solutions tailored to your personal specifications, whatever your specific requirements, and we can do it at a price that rivals a mass-produced stock product.

Forget what you thought you knew about flat-pack kits: our products last for a hundred years, and look like they came from the house of a fashion model or a film star.

Try it Now! All our products are entirely customisable. Choose anything and have a go at tweaking the design. It only takes a few moments to get the idea!

Designing your custom furniture

Every product we supply is unique

Jali provides a wide range of standard furniture, but what you can see on our site is just a tiny fraction of what's on offer. You can edit and customise any design you find, to suit your individual requirements. Does your living room have an awkward alcove that nothing ever fits into? We are the answer. Can you never find a bookcase that can hold your entire 3rd century Russian literature collection? Not a problem. Do we make that radiator cabinet in a slightly smaller size? Why yes, yes we do.

The space you live in defines the way you live: your room is a direct expression of yourself. Every home is unique, and every home should feel that way. We don't go to our friends' houses to see exactly the same bog standard things we have in our own kitchen. The design of a room should complement the personality of the people in it: neat, well-categorised shelves for the organised; excitingly overstuffed cabinets for bohemians; comfortable, expansive desks for the studious, bright, spacious layouts for creatives. We make everything unique, and everything to order. Mass production is for nuts and bolts, not homes and lives.

The Jali Designer

World class interior design at your fingertips

Our online software gives you direct control over what comes out of our factory. You can specify dimensions down to the millimetre, you can hand-place each and every shelf and vet every doorknob. Everything is yours to play with: choose flutings, skirtings, clearances, pattern designs, numbers and layouts of compartments, anything.

We are often surprised by the initiative of our customers: with a little tenacity, people have used the Jali Designer to create huge composite projects that we hadn't dreamed of when we wrote it. We love hearing those sorts of stories. If you have done something novel or impressive, let us know!

The price of your product is dynamically calculated every time you make an edit, so you'll always stay on budget, and the price you see is the price you pay at the end. If you think there's a bug in our software, just double check that first - odds are our prices are just too reasonable.

Kit and Boxed Unit Assembly

Taking DIY to new levels of ambition

Jali provides flat-pack kits for you to assemble, because you can't just have our stuff, you have to earn it through some moderate ingenuity and labour. That way you get the sense of satisfaction of having constructed something, and also of not having paid extortionate delivery costs for the transport of a large, bulky product.

But it's not really fair to expect you to assemble a full floor-to-ceiling installation from scratch, so we can sometimes provide our larger products in a semi-assembled state, as a series of boxed units. A single Jali installation can consist of multiple products seamlessly integrated together - you could have a single bookshelf, a display cabinet covering three walls, a whole new kitchen... However large the project, the Jali box approach keeps it manageable.

Materials and Finishes

Sturdy, sustainable, stylish, and superior

We don't go in for jargon. What we make is solid, it's inexpensive, it's high quality and we're not afraid to tell you how it works.

All our products are made from MDF (medium density fibreboard): the product of real woods having been ground up into pulp and then blended together with waxes and resins - so it's basically zombie frankenstein wood. That might sound scary, but it's not: MDF is incredibly sustainable and environmentally friendly, since abundant species can always be used in favour of rare and endangered trees.

More impressively, 100% percent of the tree is used, instead of just the big wide bit at the bottom. We use moisture-resistant MDF - it's easier to paint - and the colour can vary from a very natural light wood colour to a slightly darker green. But if you choose either a primer or a top coat this is well covered and does not affect the finished item.

If you still want the elegance of an old oak heirloom, we can veneer any product with flat surfaces. A thin layer of expensive wood gives your furniture the same classy appearance while keeping both your wallet and Mother Earth happy. We also supply parts in raw unprimed MDF or with a layer of white or beige primer ready for painting. You can have one or several of these options, to mix, match and build on as you see fit - the creativity our customers have shown us in the past is boundless.

Jali the Company

Lean manufacturing

Jali has adopted the principle of lean manufacturing, which looks to identify and remove the causes of waste throughout the manufacturing process and across all parts of the business. In addition to eliminating waste of materials, Jali also looks to eliminate wasted time - another signifciant cost to the business and, hence, to the customer. It's all for your benefit, you know.

The factory is arranged so that we do as much as we can to your order in the same place, which saves moving the order between different work areas and ultimately enables us to reduce the cost of manufacture.

We are based down in Kent; feel free to drop in if you're around. Our factory is a red brick building in the heart of the countryside - obviously populated entirely with our own products. It's picturesque but we still get all the advantages of modern, environmentally-conscious design. Actually our CEO, evidently having graduated from mere furniture by that point, designed the building himself.

Any Questions?

What happens when I place a made-to-measure order?

When it's time for your order to be made, each component of the order is automatically sent to the cutting machines. The machines actually adapt each component to the individual details of an order, so for example a wide bookshelf will have more supports than a narrow one to make it stronger.

At each stage of the production process, the computer system shows relevant information to our operators so that they can check important details of the order and progress it efficiently to the next stage. Once each item enters the packing area, a box is automatically made specially for it; this reduces waste and eliminates the need for most other secondary packaging materials like polystyrene foam. The boxes are clearly labelled, barcoded, and at the same time scheduled for delivery on the appropriate delivery service.

What is the Jali Designer?

The Jali Designer is a new online service which allows you to design and order your own made-to-measure furniture, useful DIY components and architectural parts. Once you have your measurements, it takes just a few minutes to finalise an online specification, place your order and pay for your furniture.

How does it work?

First of all, select one of our outline designs - for instance a made-to-measure bookcase. You can then alter it, as much or as little as you like - height, width, number of shelves and so on - until the measurements match your specification.

What happens next?

As you build up the design for your made-to-measure furniture, the price is shown on your screen. The price you see is the price you pay and includes VAT and mainland UK delivery. When you are ready to place your order online, your design is received at our factory in Kent and you can usually expect delivery within two weeks.

Who can use it?

Anyone. It's free to use and you'll probably get the hang of it very quickly. In fact most people can design a new piece of furniture for themselves within minutes by using the Jali Designer. Simply use your mouse to change the height, width and design of your furniture. And you can use inches, centimetres or millimetres - whichever you find easiest.

Try it Now! As we said, it only takes a few moments to get the idea!